What are the advantages of installing TPO roofing in your properties?

What are the advantages of installing TPO roofing in your properties?

The popularity of TPO roofing (thermoplastic olefin) is growing among customers of several roofing services providers. That’s why any roofing services company that doesn’t offer them gets behind in the market. Nowadays, TPO roofing is one of the most environmentally friendly and cost-effective roofing materials; its strength and durability are beyond comparison, and they are the best option for large commercial buildings, while still being extremely helpful for your residential premises. So, in order to understand how TPO roofing can be the best choice for your property, you should take into account some really good advantages you will receive with your investment.

For starters, TPO roofing consists of ethylene propylene rubber membranes that are bound together with a hot air welder for maximum durability. TPO roofs can be manufactured in a variety of colors (whi9te, gray, and black) and thicknesses, depending on the needs of the customers. As such, white TPO has become the most popular due to its heat reflecting capacity, contributing largely to save money on energy consumption.

Moreover, TPO roofing is extremely durable. It can withstand the buildup of debris, dirt, or bacteria, while its flexibility makes it strong enough against punctures and impact damage. Also, its flexibility ensures the performance of the roof during the movement and setting of new constructions, thus making it a stronger option that shingle roofing.

Finally, TPO roofing is not only environmentally friendly because of its heat reflective properties. Indeed, TPO reflects ultraviolet very well, thus reducing energy waste from your HVAC system. However, its contribution to the environment does not end there. TPO is one of the very few 100% recyclable roofing materials! All membranes can be fully recycled and used in subsequent manufacturing processes.

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