Disadvantages of Installing Rubber Membrane Roofing

Disadvantages of Installing Rubber Membrane Roofing

At All City Roofing, we understand the needs and concerns of our clients. Therefore, we provide to you a look to both sides of the coin, so you can have more information before deciding what type of roofing system you want. In our previous article, we mentioned some of the most important advantages of installing EPDM roofing, better known as rubber roofing. In this occasion, we will give you some facts about the deficiencies of this particular roofing structure.

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The Main Deficiencies of Rubber Roofing include:


One of the main problems with the installation of rubber roofing is the price. Rubber roofing installations require the support of experts. Therefore, finding the right people with the necessary experience is tedious and difficult. Then, once you find the professionals to do the job, they charge you more than any other traditional roofing service.

 Threats of Leaks

Rubber roofs have a moderate resistance to damages caused by externalities. The main problem is not repairing the rubber roof leaks since it’s easy, but finding the harmed area. Most of the time, the holes or rips caused by foot traffic on sharp objects are too small, so they are difficult to find.

 Exposition to UV rays

Rubber roofs suffer from two specific types of damages. The first damage is caused by UV rays. They provoke the degradation of the adhesives use over seams and flashing. This situation provokes the separation of materials that compose the membrane. The other type of harm presented on rubber roofs is the loss of bright of the membrane’s surface. Also, the temperature of the structure rises due to the absorption of UV rays.

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