Avoid this when doing concrete tile installation for your roof

Avoid this when doing concrete tile installation for your roof

Although the harsh weathering is approaching there is always time to fit in an enhancement for your concrete tile installation. All City Roofing is a company that has been excelling in roofing installation for a long time in the nearby area of Washington.

Whether you need it for your residential or commercial property, your roofing projects are in good hands when All City Roofing is in charge. Concrete tile is a great alternative to bring character and appeal for your property. Choosing this material for your rooftop can benefit you in the fact that it’s:

  • It is a durable material
  • Class-A fire rating
  • Allows for snow to slide easily
  • Resistant to wind and harsh weather
  • And more!

Being the leading and trustworthy contractor in the area to handle concrete tile installation, we bring to you in the post a couple of things you and your contractor should be able to avoid when doing this installation.

  • Careful when placing tiles: failing to overlap tiles properly enables wind and rain damage to penetrate the roof
  • Put on weight: be careful when choosing tiles that are too lightweight—these can easily damage and it’s a lot more fragile
  • If your project is small it might not be for you: remember that concrete tile installation works much better for grand areas and not complex installations
  • Deterioration is inevitable: if you’d like a roofing that will preserve its color for a longer period then tiles are not a very good choice 

Consulting a professional team like All City Roofing when doing your tile installation can guarantee you 100% quality results. So wait no more and ask for your FREE estimate when calling our number! Contact us today and get your concrete tile installed or enhanced.