The flat roofing contractors in Richland WA tell it how it is!

The flat roofing contractors in Richland WA tell it how it is!

Flat rooftops have gained popularity in the modern urban areas of the city, since they are easy to maintain and install they can come in very handy. But there are still a couple of things you should know about this system and our flat roofing contractors in Richland WA tell it how it is.

We’ve come a long way since we first started in the business of roofing services, and our staff is very professional on delivering as flat roofing contractors. Check out our previous post on questions you should ask your contractors!

As you should know they must have a slope and are not technically that flat at all. Helping water drainage through this pitch is crucial so that you don’t have issues with water accumulation or unwanted debris.

We’ve talked about what flat rooftops have to offer, and the various aspects that you should avoid when selecting this material once you choose it for your rooftop. For this post we’d like to dig deeper and provide you thorough information of the different types of flat roofing available.

Types of flat roofing from our flat roofing contractors in Richland WA 

There are three main types of methods and finishes that you can use while doing installation of a flat rooftop. They all carry their advantages, and have a lot to offer to your building experience. Here is a list of the top three materials:

  • Modified bitumen: this is a system that consists of one layer rolled onto the surface, it is also known as torch-down roofing.
  • Built-up roof: this one is composed of hot tar, gravel, fiberglass, and roofing felt all laid atop each other.
  • Rubber membrane: made out of EPDM or ethylene propylene diene monomer or simply speaking rubber membrane. 

This is a roofing system that works to provide you with much aesthetic appeal and fits modern designs like a glove. Wait no more and learn more with out flat roofing contractors in Richland WA. 

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