How To Repair Shingle Roofing During Cold Seasons

How To Repair Shingle Roofing During Cold Seasons

Do you know when the best and ideal temperature is for your roofing repairs? For this entry here at All City Roofing we got you the best tips for the how-tos and don’ts of repairs in your rooftop for this upcoming season.

Shingles for your rooftop can add:

  • Wind resistant
  • Waterproofing protection
  • Insulation properties for your roof
  • Long lasting performance if installed properly

Did you know that shingles, specifically asphalt shingles, should be installing in no greater temperatures than 70 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit? That’s right! But a roof that is not properly fastened it will fail quickly and you will need in a short time roofing repairs.

So, how to install shingles in cold weather?

Asphalt shingles are an excellent choice when waterproofing roofs as well as granting them for a decorative finish! All City Roofing is a team that is qualified to accomplish the right roofing repairs and installation procedures for your rooftop!

These types of tiles (asphalt tiles) are made with a mixture of sand, fiberglass and asphalt, and act strongly as waterproof and perform as a steeper surface, it also works like an ornament and, in turn, replaces the cumbersome manufacturing process of the asphalt applying layers of asphalt and fiberglass on your rooftop, therefore there is no need for later decoration with clay tiles, as before.

The asphalt shingles are made and presented in hexagonal or rectangular designs, and they come in red, light gray, blue, green and black. They have a durability of approximately ten years and can be installed by amateurs, but we highly recommend the need of professional assistance; whenever you are in need of roofing repairs and installations we take the necessary precautions to work on your roof.

Here at All City Roofing we hope this entry served well on helpful information, so keep coming back for more tips and enhancements for your roof and ask for your free estimate today!