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The Least Obvious Signs of Roof Damage That You Should Know

The Least Obvious Signs of Roof Damage

If you see leaks and cracks on your roof, of course, it’s evident that your roof isn't in the best conditions. But what about the less visible signs on your roof? Therefore, these least obvious signs of roof damage are often more subtle and may require a cautious eye to find.

However, it’s possible for you to notice some of these signs that we’re about to tell you.

Here are 3 of some of the least obvious signs of damage on your roof

Animals on your roof

Animals on your roof

Animals running around on your roof are a sign of roof damage. When they are on your roof, they become a real problem that needs your attention as soon as possible. Most animals often find easy-to-hide-in broken areas on your roof.

Moreover, an ever-growing number of wild animals rustling around may indicate a wide-open area for animals to invade.

Whistling sounds in your home

Is there a mysterious air flow or whistling sounds in your home? Well, let me tell you that there is a chance that these are signs of roof damage. Small roof damage can create an air flow that is hard to pinpoint without inspecting your house.

Be alert that if your home is fully sealed and yet still has a weird air flow sound. It means you need a professional help to check your roofing system.

Nails at the edge of your home

Nails at the edge of your home

Another strange sign that your roof is suffering from damage is nails along the edge of your house. Think of what happens if nails come out of your roof and end up getting even worst. As you know, these nails have to go somewhere. Therefore, they are likely to roll off your roof and end up either in the gutters.

You have to remember that signs of roof damage aren’t always immediately apparent. That’s why it’s a good idea to hire a professional for the job. Our experts at All City Roofing can do what’s necessary to assess any roofing issues and repair damages.  Your roof is an essential part of your property; give it the professional service that it deserves.