Facts about metal roof coatings that you should know

Facts about metal roof coatings that you should know
Do you want a roofing system that lasts more than 50 years?

Do you want a roofing system that lasts more than 50 years?

Sure, you do!

The fact is that metal roofs can last for several decades because of their unique characteristics. However, you still can prolong the life of your roofs.

How so?

You just need to apply the correct metal roof coating. Therefore, we invite you to keep your reading and discover amazing facts about these materials.

Great metal roof coating facts

The first main point to notice is that your metal roof installation will last longer.

But, how much time does the word “longer” mean?

Well, there is not a specific period of time to mention it to you. However, we have had several clients that still have their roofing systems correctly performing.

For example, we attended a family in the area of Pasco, WA where their metal roof had some issues.

After repairing the roofing, I could perfectly predict it would last at least 5 years more. Yet, the homeowner and our team agree about the application of some metal roof coating.

Today, their roofing system has more than a decade, and it still performs as if it is new.

Cleaner roofing

Cleaner roofing

Is it possible? Of course, it is.

When you have a special coating in your metal roof installations, your roofing will be protected against dust accumulation and other debris.

People find useful to get a metal roof coating because the maintenance cost is lower. Furthermore, think about the coating application just as a nice investment for your roofing installations.

Worried about leaking roofs?

Worried about leaking roofs?

Keep calm! The application of a coating base to your roof will shield the surface and avoid leaking issues. Therefore, you will also avoid moisture and mold problems inside the structure of your house.

Did you know that roofing leaking problems are the most common issues that roofing contractors attend?

Fire resistance

Ok, at this point you know that it’s hard that fire affects metal roofing. However, a metal roof coating adds extra protection to your house.

For us, the real fact behind applying coatings to your metal roofs is the extra protection that you get.

Therefore, metal roofing coating facts are:

  • Prolong metal roofing life expectancy
  • Avoid dust and debris
  • No leaking issues
  • Fire resistance

You can learn more about metal roofing by getting in contact with our experts today!