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Best Materials for Professional Roofing

Choosing materials for professional roofing is difficult. Selecting the right material brings many doubts about cost, features, and durability. So you do not have to take your first option. To the contrary, research pros and cons of each roofing material. Also, take into account the weather conditions of your town, your home structure, and other factors that may affect your roof.

Well, after mentioned that choosing roofing materials is difficult. Let us help you to take a smart decision by providing you information about the best materials for professional roofing. We made all the research to help you select the best for your needs.

4 Best Roofing Materials for Professional Roofing

Clay Tile Roof

They look great and have a classic design. Also, clay tiles have the advantage of durability because of its high thickness. Clay tiles have a lifespan of over one hundred years. Moreover, they are perfect to save energy due to their thermal resistance.

However, they are very heavy and can easily be damaged. So, you will regularly spend some money on maintenance. When regarding price, clay tiles range between $12-18 per square feet.

Metal Roof

Some years ago, metal roofing was used on agricultural and industrial buildings. Today, it is popular for residential projects. So it is a good option for roofs of any height.

Concern about snow levels and weight resistance! We have installed many metal roofs in Kennewick, WA and it offers superior snow-shedding capabilities. Moreover, it reflects sun rays during summer that reduce cooling costs.

The best part is its price. You can find square feet of metal roofing a $7-13.

Concrete Tile Roof

Best roofing materials

Concrete is popular for its durability and many applications. Well, today it is famous as a roofing choice. Similar to clay tiles, concrete tiles can last over a century. But, they do not share the characteristic of low weight resistance. So, concrete tiles do not represent a structural risk.

Other benefits of using concrete for roofing are low-maintenance cost and insect activity resistance. Also, Concrete is water resistance and fire resistance. In drawbacks, it most common disadvantage is color changing. But, color changing is something that will suddenly happen to any roof type.

Usually, you can expect to save 50%of the total price of clay tiles. So concrete tiles price range between $6-10 per square feet.

TPO Roof

First of all, homes with the flat roof are a better candidate for a TPO roof installation. TPO is a derivation of rubber, and it is becoming very popular among roofing contractors.

TPO has many benefits such as damage resistance, energy efficiency, and maintenance free for years. However, TPO cleaning is highly recommended to remove dirt.

TPO installation is not difficult, and its price is very competitive. You will pay around $6-7 per square feet.

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