Pros and cons of Metal Roofing

Pros and cons of Metal Roofing

Are you currently planning a roofing project for your commercial or residential property? Are you having too many questions and doubts about what material to choose? In case your roofing contractors in Pasco WA haven’t tell you the great benefits of metal roofing, then read this article.

Pros of Metal Roofing

  • Life Expectancy: Well-maintained metal roofing should last many years. The life expectancy of a metal roofing system can be anywhere between thirty to fifty years. Roofing contractors in Pasco WA know that if you properly maintain metal roof, it can last for many years; preventing you from investing more and more money.
  • Fire Resistance: Metal is a fire resistant material, great for the security of your property.
  • Light-weight: When comparing metal roofing to other roofing materials, one of the greatest advantages of metal roofing is the weight. It doesn’t take a special structure in order to support it and the installation process is easier, therefore cheaper. Roofing contractors in Pasco WA should charge less to install metal roofing in comparison to other heavier materials.
  • Water and Snow Impervious- Unless there are any holes or it is not installed properly, this material is water and snow impervious. The surface is metal and hard, and the way that the metal sheets are installed it doesn’t allow for the water to penetrate. Roofing contractors in Pasco WA should always present this as a great benefit.


  • Cost: One of the biggest disadvantages is the cost; although we don’t think it’s a disadvantage because the life expectancy is much higher than other materials. With other materials like shingle roofing you will send less money on the short term, but ten years later you will probably have to change the entire roofing system. In the other hand, with metal roofing, you will spend more money in the short term but save money in the long term, because your roofing system may last from 30 to 50 years.
  • Noise: Metal roofing is known to be a little noisier when it rains in comparison to other materials. This can be fixed with noise reducers between the metal sheets and the ceiling.

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