Apply roof coatings to ensure the durability of your roof!

Apply roof coatings to ensure the durability of your roof!

You can save money in the long run by applying roof coatings today

Roof coatings are an additional layer of protection that extends the life cycle of your roof. While it can be used in new constructions to ensure that your roof will last for several years, it is actually more utilized for the protection of existing roofs, particularly metal, single ply membranes, or tar and gravel roofs.

Since roof coatings create a more solid layer once cured, they are a better option than paint to protect your roofing system properly. Here at All City Roofing, we show you some of the most important benefits you receive by purchasing this excellent protective material.

  • Insuperable weatherproofing:

Besides doing an amazing job against the effects of weather, a considerable amount of high-quality resin is usually included during the manufacturing process of your roof coating, which makes it very elastic and thicker than a simple paint job once it is cured. The extremely durable film that is formed by these resins allows the coating to go over and protect any small cracks or the membrane seams, providing ultimate waterproofing. In addition, since coatings are sprayed, you make sure to protect any areas difficult to reach.

  • Lower utility and maintenance costs:

Coatings create a protective layer that adds extra protection to your roof and reduces the need for maintenance; therefore, it makes your roof last longer while saving money on maintenance costs. Moreover, roof coatings are highly reflective, providing an excellent defense against UV and infrared sunlight. As such, the temperature of your roof’s surface decreases, delivering a cooler environment inside the building and reducing the energy your air conditioning consumes.

  • Extend the life of your roof:

Roof coatings are designed to last for many years. Its resistance to weather and the damaging effects of sunlight not only extends the life cycle of your roof, but also helps it maintain its color over time. This is an excellent solution to prevent early roof replacement.

  • Requires low labor:

Given that coatings are sprayed directly over the roof, no parts of it have to be torn off. This also means that the application of the roof coating is not labor intensive, making it a more cost-effective solution.

At All City Roofing, we offer excellent roof coatings and a professional service for the protection of your roof, either for your home, business, or industrial property. Be sure to check all the services we provide for you. Don’t hesitate and call us today!