Roofing Concrete Tiles Pros and Cons

Roofing Concrete Tiles Pros and Cons

Are you currently in the lookout for a roofing material for your commercial or residential property? On the last two articles from our blog we discussed two different roofing types; shingle and metal roofing. Today we will talk about the pros and cons of installing Roofing Concrete Tiles for your property. Before calling roofing contractors in Connell, WA to do the job, it is wise to read about the different material types to have all the information handy before making a final decision.

Advantages of Concrete Tiles for roofing systems

Durability: There are a few roofing materials that offer durability but not as efficient as concrete tiles. It is a very cost effective way to deliver longevity to your roofing system. It is not easily damaged and unlike many other roofing materials it can up stand strong winds and hail.

Cost Effective:  In comparison to other roofing materials that offer just about the same, roofing concrete tiles are way more cost effective. It offers cheaper prices than other roofing materials and with many of the same advantages. Remember, the installation price may vary depending on what roofing contractors in Connell, WA you hire; for cost effective installation prices you can call our number and ask for a free estimate.

Disadvantages of Concrete Tiles for roofing systems

Weight: As you can imagine, concrete tiles are heavy. When comparing it to other roofing materials, concrete tiles do not offer a light weight. Keep in mind that if it is heavy it is also harder to install and therefore more expensive. Because of the heavy weight it offers, not all properties have the required structure in order to have this material type.  The roofing contractors in Connell, WA you hire should be able to tell you if your property can stand the weight before installing (most houses can, but there are a few that it is not recommended).

Requires Sealant:

When it comes to concrete tiles, you need to use sealant during the installation process; otherwise it will not work properly. If you don’t do so, you will have roofing problems in the near future. Make sure that your roofing contractors in Connell, WA seal it properly.

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