Roofing services: Why is a waterproofing important?

Roofing services: Why is a waterproofing important?

Now that the harsh weather is coming, we sometimes wonder what we can do to protect our rooftop. For the most important element around your property we only service best. Here at All City Roofing we are all about effective solutions and roofing services to prolong the performance of you rooftop.

What is waterproofing?

For this blog post we would like to bring back the basics. And explain a bit further on what is waterproofing and how it can help you rooftop. It is a material that has protective properties against the passageway of water and the creation of moisture on ceilings and down the walls.

Waterproofing is:

  • Its main function is to prolong the life of any construction.
  • Waterproofed is the application of a type of paint membrane on the construction having contact with water and humidity
  • Waterproofing and sealants it is essential for maintenance
  • These chemicals protect from moisture materials such as cement, concrete, concrete, brick, plaster, granite, artificial marble, metal structures
  • It guards against rust and corrosion

At any construction waterproofing protects from weather, the sun, air and rain, as well as other natural deterioration and harming suffered by the passage of time. It also, helps keep the environments free of mold and mildew.

In the available market there are plenty of caulks and sealants that are innovative and advanced solutions to input in your roofing services. Manufactured upon polyurethane are the only ones recommended for civil works, due to the fact that they reduce the cost of maintenance and repairs; and increase strength and durability to the application by adding a protection.

In addition, this compound can be applied without using any coating. The main advantage of polyurethane sealants is its flexibility! 

For your roofing services it is essential to also know that there is also the provision of "smart" waterproofing. Called smart because they do not require reinforcing fabric, and they offer a molecular technology that adapts to any surface, giving high tensile strength, and they can be diluted without losing its properties.

Here at All City Roofing we are prepared to go the extra length to ensure that your rooftop is in great shape! No matter the size our team has the equipment, tools and training to attend to your needs. Call us today for more information on our roofing services.