Think metal for your next roofing installation

Think metal for your next roofing installation

Metal roofing has gained popularity because of its benefits and versatility for your roofing installation. The materials used for metal roofs are mainly aluminum, copper and steel, which can be recycled and therefore environment friendly. Metal roofing gives a great look at the ceiling and is also fireproof.

However, there is a disadvantage of metal roofs too. It is susceptible to different types of water as corrosion and galvanic corrosion, leading to leakage. To repair these damages, the metal layer of the roof is required while doing your roofing installation.

Metal roof layer for your roofing installation

A metal coating is a roof liquid substance, which when applied to a metal roof, can act as a protective membrane. As a result, the effects of heat from the sun, rain, hail or any other damage due does not ware. It has adhesive properties which allow it to adhere to the surface of the cover. It is the most sought after materials to repair metal roof, due to its ability to retain its elasticity in all weather conditions. During the day, it extends from the heat and the temperature drop at night returns to its original shape. This expansion and contraction does not usually cause any damage to the layer.

Prepare features to know when your metal roof is done for your roofing installation

For starters, our team is here to provide full on services to determine defects such as cracks, holes and loose fasteners on the roof surface and fix them properly. Then, the surface should be thoroughly cleaned with pressure washing. You can use a little detergent, but should be a biodegradable one. After washing, allow the ceiling to dry completely.

Then we apply the primer for your roofing installation. When the roof is dry, we apply a primer coat on the roof surface. This will increase the adhesion between the coating metal roof and ceiling. In certain types of roofing material, a primer may not be required. However, it is always better to play it safe. After all, a primer layer does not cost much.

In addition to controlling the damage, cladding metal roof has a number of other advantages. Forms protective layers on the roof that helps keep the air conditioning in summer and winter, which reduces heat loss. Research suggests it can also prevent harmful ultraviolet radiation from the sun to pass through it. Contact our team of experts today for your roofing installation and let us know what we can do to help you!