Types of flat roofs you can install with roofing contractors in Connell, WA.

Types of flat roofs you can install with roofing contractors in Connell, WA.

Have you ever heard of a roofing type called flat roofing? What many homeowners don’t know is that there are various types of flat roofing. In this article we will discuss all four types of flat roofing. We will learn a little bit about each one of them. Not all roofing contractors are able to install or repiar all four types of flat roofing.  Make sure that the contractor that you hire has the enough experience.

Modified Bitumen

Modified bitumen is a flat roof type that many homeowners choose for their roofing system. This is a single-ply rolled roof and its surface is mineral-based.  While unrolling the material on the roof system the adhesive needs to be heated. One of the advantages is that the newest peel and stick materials can be very easy to install and it can actually be done by homeowners (although we don’t recommend that).  The clear disadvantage is that it is obviously flammable, therefore a fire hazard.

Built-Up Roof (BUR)

It is commonly known as the classic hot tar and gravel. This roofing type is built with many layers of waterproofed material while alternating with hot tar layers. Lately, these roofing types are using fiberglass membranes as well.  One of the clear advantages of this roofing type is the fact that gravel is an excellent fire retardant.  Out of all the flat roof options, this is considered to be the most economical one. Price is very important, that’s why this is considered to be one of its biggest advantages.  The clear advantage of this material is definitely the weight; very heavy. It is considered to be a very dirty and messy when installing it. That’s why it is not recommended to be installed in occupied homes. Last but not least, gravel is known to be a material that obstructs gutters.

Stay tuned to our blog. In the next article we will discuss the remaining two flat roof types; being rubber membrane and metal sloped roofing.